Logo Variations Every Brand Needs

Dropping a lil logo knowledge on here today - logo variations every brand needs, yes needs! Having multiple versions of your logo allows you to keep your branding consistent across all platforms. Your business will live in many places, not just a website or business card and so one logo applied to all these different platforms just isn't going to cut it. When you have different variants of your logo, you are able to choose which version is the best option for each application. Here are the 3 must-have logo variations your business should have and how to use them.

What is a logo variation?

First off, what is a logo variation? It’s an alternate layout or version of your primary logo design. These variations are super helpful to have on-hand for when your primary logo design doesn’t quite suit the layout it’s being used in. It’s super important that all variations are consistent in their look & feel and go with your entire brand identity - all variations should look related!

Primary Logo

The title of this logo speaks for itself - this is the logo you will use in most instances. It’s your go-to for all important assets of your brand like your business cards, brochure covers, etc.

Secondary Logo

This is basically a second option of your main logo but in an alternate layout. So this logo may be more of a horizontal layout in comparison to your primary logo which might be more vertical. This variation comes in handy when you’re working with different applications and your primary logo doesn’t fit so well.⁠

Brand Mark

This is the simplest form of your primary logo - it strips the details out and is straight to the point. This may be just the symbol in your logo design or could be the initials of your business name. These are great to use on social media posts or footers of a presentation or workbook.

Ready to start designing your brand?

So there you have it! You can now understand why it's so important to have a logo suite vs. just a simple logo design under your belt for your business. If you're thinking of branding your new business or even rebranding your existing business check out my branding packages here. If you have any inquires or questions do not hesitate to get in touch - I'd love to chat!

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